Solutions SDK Platform
  • Feb 2013 : Private beta program for our Platform (ServiceBlade) launched.
  • Jun 2, 2012: Private beta program of Widgets (WidgetBoost) launched.
  • May 15, 2011: Joined DreamIt ventures program
Creating professional, dynamic, feature-rich apps has never been easier! We believe our customers should focus on their content and businesses, not on overcoming technological challenges. That is why we built the super smart, programming free solutions to enable anyone to create and launch fully-functional and branded apps.
Have you ever imagined that the app you created is increasing value day by day. This magic is realized by WidgetBoost's Active Widget Layer. You can also enhance your apps with many useful widgets from the widget gallery. You can control any widget's behavior using a web based console.
Now you don't need to build a backend service, setup cloud infrastructure etc and spend countless hours in building services. Our cloud based enterprise platform allows you to create feature rich services in no time. Platform comes with pre-built services like calls, email, sms etc.